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walker, 48 Водолей, Lagos | captain09nob | flirt.ru-element.ru
I'm a bubbly and happy person looking for fun, laughs and love
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Я ищу
  • Я ищу девушку от 43 до 50 для создания семьи.
Свободно о себе
  • I am open to relocating for the right relationship. My close friends would describe me as a financially secure, reliable and well-traveled bohemian in a blue suit living a well-appointed life. I am naturally an entrepreneurial, analytical, and creative thinker with a spontaneous streak. A big ambition of mine is to travel the destinations off the beaten path, and create the best platform in my industry
Кого я хочу найти
  • Integrity and thoughtfulness are virtues I value in a partner, and I’m looking for a woman with a good dose of both. She is comfortable with where she's at in life and she is kind. I will look forward to lying beside her (you?) at night, knowing your body will be the first thing I feel beside me in the morning, and your face will be the first thing I see when I open my eyes.
Личная информация
  • есть татуировки.
  • Свободен
  • Уже есть, больше не хочу
  • Есть
  • Очень хорошо зарабатываю
  • Self employed
  • Не курю, к курящим отношусь нейтрально
  • Выпиваю иногда в компаниях
  • Yes